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USFMA Supports Temporary Duty Deferral

Measure Will Provide Cash Flow To American Businesses At Critical Time

Published Thursday, March 26, 2020 3:00 pm

Contact: Bill McCann, Executive Director,

Washington, D.C. -- In response to the economic disruption caused by the coronavirus pandemic, the United States Footwear Manufacturers Association (USFMA) board encourages the Administration to implement a 90-day duty deferral. Our industry needs certainty as we address long term disruptions in operations. A duty deferral will provide necessary temporary relief for American businesses while maintaining a level playing field by collecting the duties as business returns to normal.

A temporary duty deferral that businesses can opt-in to, similar to IRS providing extensions to make tax payments without penalty, would be a simple way to support domestic manufacturers. A 90-day deferral would provide certainty and liquidity to let producers respond to these new circumstances. The deferral would not change tariff rates or reduce duty obligations but would provide small businesses much needed cash flow to support employees in unprecedented times.

Some of our members are modifying their facilities to respond to shortages in lifesaving equipment and they are continuing to support employees around the country. American manufacturing is rapidly responding to this crisis. A duty deferral would provide flexibility to adapt to these changing conditions.