Government Procurement

Government Procurement

USFMA strongly supports programs that require the U.S. Government to purchase American-made footwear with taxpayer funds.   These policies not only support domestic manufacturing and national security but also ensure that U.S. taxpayer money is spent on footwear produced in the United States.

Berry Amendment

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The Berry Amendment requires the Department of Defense to purchase footwear and other items that are produced 100% in the United States. This law, originally passed in 1941, ensures that the United States will have a domestic industrial base capable of providing the equipment that our military needs in times of war. Because of the Berry Amendment, combat boots, military dress shoes and, most recently, athletic shoes issued to enlisted recruits during basic training are produced by the domestic footwear industry.

USFMA is the voice of the Berry Amendment footwear industry. We oppose any efforts to reduce or limit Berry Amendment requirements on footwear. In addition, USFMA strongly supports new requirements that will ensure all footwear worn by U.S. military personnel on duty is Berry Amendment compliant.

Department of Homeland Security

Under a law called the Kissell Amendment, footwear purchases the U.S. Coast Guard and the Transportation Administration are required to be manufactured in the United States with 100% U.S. inputs. Other Department of Homeland Security (DHS) components with uniformed personnel, including the Customs and Border Protection (CBP) and the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), do not have similar requirements.

USFMA promotes the expansion of the Kissell Amendment to cover all DHS uniformed components as well as the requirement that all footwear worn on duty by a uniformed employee of DHS be 100% manufactured and sourced in the United States.

Currently, Mexico and China represent our two of our most important trading partners. We regard the USMCA as a vital underpinning to these important relationships, particularly for the footwear industry. We urge policymakers to expedite the ratification and implementation of the USMCA, as any additional delay would significantly impair the industry’s ability to sustain and create jobs for working American families.

Expansion of Buy America in Government Procurement

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Buy America laws ensure that tax payer dollars are used to purchase products made in the United States. Buy America strengthens domestic manufacturing, creates good paying jobs and ensures that our government purchases the highest quality goods.

USFMA supports all reasonable Buy America rules and encourages Congress to strengthen Buy America procurement rules for all federal agencies.